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In the early 1950s Carl Strutz Sr., a German immigrant and his two sons, Frank and Carl Jr. began operation of a small machine shop near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They provided customers with job shop machining and custom assembly services. The company incorporated in 1953 as Strutz Fabricators, Inc.

Their involvement in the glass industry began when a local glass factory contracted them to build a special machine to print labels on glass beverage bottles. The collaboration yielded the first STRUTZ glass decorating machine. It was a semi-automatic screen decorator, requiring the operator to manually load a glass container onto the machine. Labels were transferred onto the container’s surface through an ink filled screen tray bearing a graphic design. Image quality depended on how well the label design could be transferred onto the glass container without smearing or smudging, and with good color-to-color registration. Sharp images depended on precise synchronization between the glass container and the screen. This remains the key to high quality images that STRUTZ machines produce today.

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