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Colonel Frank Sheppee founded the company in 1907 with the company initially involved in the manufacture of the initial steam driven traction engines to motorbike and cycle aids, as well as being involved with vacuum cleaners and washing machines. But it was not until the 1920’s that the Company specialized in developing machines for the glass container industry. This extended to the development of high-speed glass forming machines as well as ware handling equipment.

Using its expertise and innovations in the field of transfers, lehr loaders and drive systems, the Company is now at the forefront of warehandling solutions and is well known to the glass industry worldwide.

With glass production speeds in excess of 700 bottles per minute today, there is a growing accent on innovation and reliable performance. Sheppee works closely with individual companies to provide cost effective solutions to current production challenges.

To supply these solutions, Sheppee has a complete machining facility including CNC machines, CAD design and a team of fully skilled Electronic and Mechanical Engineers.

Sheppee International Limited, the Company founded in April 1993, will continue the tradition of innovative engineering started by the original Sheppee family company.

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