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Pietro Bonaiti, Lecco historic company producing conveyor belts, blew yesterday 60 candles. An important milestone was celebrated with all employees, which testifies to the strength of a company that has been able to constantly renew itself over the years, remaining true to the principle of customer satisfaction.

“Our company, as it is today, was born in 1950 – says the CEO Massimiliano Gomarabico – but the first structure dates back to fourteen years earlier, in 1936, when the United Kingdom had declared an embargo of its products to Allied nations Rome-Berlin Axis. Among these, there were the conveyor belts for the glass industry: that was how my father in law, Pietro Bonaiti, fort of a previous experience, decided to found his own company. “

Since then many things have changed: technology, specialized production, the dynamics and market size, business strategies. “What remains unchanged – continues – is our passion for the product, which results in the constant quest forinnovation in products and processes, often based on the study of specific customer requirements.”

With the advent of the second and third generation, represented respectively by Gomarabico Massimiliano and his sons, Pietro and Marta, the Pietro Bonaiti has experimented major organizational changes, which included the streamlining of processes, automation of certain operation phases, the expansion of supply.

Today the company diversifies production building conveyors of special steel in addition to the glass industry, also for mechanical and food companies, with an articulated range of products and the possibility of customization to better suit specific needs.

The challenge of the global market has been caught with success: the company exports about 30 countries, 40% of its production; among the last markets gained, stands the Russian market, who is bringing positive results.

It was also recently created a new company division dedicated to architects, designers and companies looking for next-generation materials, unusual ideas for their creations, evolutionary solutions for building and new capabilities for projects. Some recent applications, in continuous expansion, concerned related furnishings, interior lining and covering of facades, all made with “metal tissue” created by Pietro Bonaiti.

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