Parkinson Spencer Refractory (PSR)

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Parkinson-Spencer Refractories Ltd is a private limited company owned and controlled by the Parkinson family. We operate from a single site in Halifax, West Yorkshire, U.K. and manufacture refractories and engineered products for the glass manufacturing industry.

We have approximately 90 employees of which just over 50 are involved in the manufacture of refractories. Of the remainder about half are located in our Technical Services Division handling the design, engineering and supply of forehearth and distributor systems, while the balance comprise the company’s sales, laboratory, quality, finance and administration functions.

The glass industry is the only industry we serve and has been for the majority of the company’s existence.

As a licensee of Emhart Glass we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of feeder expendable refractories for the glass industry. Feeder expendables are refractory parts used in the glass gob-forming system, a system that is essential to the manufacture of many different types of glassware such as glass containers and glass tableware.

We are also one of the foremost suppliers of forehearth and distributor systems to the glass industry worldwide and our ability to design and manufacture both the refractories and the engineered systems is unique. Forehearth and distributor systems are the link between the melting furnace and the gob-forming process, enabling the glass to be precisely conditioned in terms of its temperature and viscosity before delivery to the forming process.

For all sectors of the glass industry we also manufacture a range of furnace blocks and special refractory shapes that are used in both glass contact and non-glass contact applications.

For the hand-made glass industry we manufacture glass melting pots (crucibles) and are one of the few remaining manufacturers of this specialised and traditional product.

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